Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Thank you. We couldn't do it without you!

We received  lot of items from our Amazon Wishlist this week and we wanted to thank you all for your amazing support! The kids will definitely love these new items! Make sure you take a look at the Wishlist if you haven't done so already there are dozens of costumes to choose from.


Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Another trip to the 99 Cents Store

The other day I discovered a dollar store at the end of my street and I picked up a few item for our project such as these firefighter hats, basketball and football and music instruments that we can give the kid when they pick their careers. The more toys and costumes we have to offer them the happier they will be!

An easy way to help our project is to donate a costume through our Amazon Wishlist. Take a look

Friday, April 27, 2012

Fiji after the flood

Some people leave a lot of sadness footprint on this earth, we try to balance it out by leaving a lot of happiness footprint.... with our prints

A few months ago we booked a trip to Fiji to go scuba diving and enjoy a relaxing week of vacation in the sun and I had tried to contact our hotel to take "WhenKidsGrowUp" to some of the local schools in Fiji but didn't really get any response.

However, a week before our departure a storm passed through Fiji and flooded the villages and streets of the Island. We weren't sure if we would still be able to go but a few days later our travel agent contacted us to tell us that all the roads had been cleared and everything was back to normal.... at least at the resort we were going to stay at.

The weather did not get that much better and we enjoyed tropical rain every day of the week during our stay so we did not get to dive as much as we would have liked but we did end up visiting the Island and meeting some of the kindest people in the world. Roads were damaged, beaches were still dirty from the storm and Fiji did not quite look like the postcards my friends had mailed me in the past.

One rainy morning we decided to hire a cab for the day and visit a traditional village on the island. We grabbed the few costumes we had brought on the trip, the printer, and a few bottles of water and headed out. After what seemed to be a long drive the cab driver dropped us off in front of a small store to buy a bag of Kava (A local drink) to bring to the village as a gift which is a traditional thing to do. Kava is made from a local root that they crush into powder and mix with water.

After another long drive, we arrived in the village where tourists were welcomed by their spoke person. We thought we were going to get a private tour when just seconds later, a giant bus filled with tourists pulled up and unloaded its group of curious Australians.

We ended up visiting the village with the group and, even though most of the villagers' houses had been damaged during the flood they all welcomed us and were smiling as if nothing had happened. Kids were running around playing in the mud with wooden sticks and broken toys and old family pictures were drying out in the sun. We could see some of the household items that were damaged by the water and the spokeperson told us that some of the families had to move in the chief's house because it was the only house that had been safe from the flood since it is located at the top of the hill.

At the end of the tour we had the opportunity to take part in a Kava ceremony where the chief made a giant bowl of Kava to welcome us in their community and we all drank from it. It has a very particular taste and leaves your mouth numb for a while. After the locals performed their traditional dance we all joined in and danced together for a few minutes. Once the ceremony was over we were invited to take a look at their handcraft and buy a souvenir. While the group of tourists gazed at the displays I started printing a few photos I took during the ceremony to thank them for having us. I handed the first prints to the elder people in their community and everyone was pleased with their print and they all wanted to pose for the camera.

Once the herd of Australians left the village we took the costumes out of our backpack and put the printer to work. We didn't have as many choices as usual since we hadn't brought our entire collection of costumes but the kids had a lot of fun picking their career and we ended up leaving the few toys we had with them. At first they were a little shy and understandably curious and somewhat fearful but they quickly warmed up to us and it became a fun activity for everyone in the village.

It was a good thing I had a few memory cards on me which sped up the process. I could take a few pictures and put the memory card in the printer while taking pictures with another memory card. Everyone was impressed by the quality of the prints and looking at the images coming out of the printer becomes a bonding experience where we get to actually talk to the villagers and get to know them better.

The grown-ups probably had even more fun than the kids this time around and I apparently put my foot in my mouth yet once again when I mockingly told the Chief that we had to re take the group picture because he was the only one not looking at the camera... I hadn't realized he was the chief!

We were happy to be able to give new prints to the families who had just lost everything they had during this natural disaster and be able to leave our footprint on the island.

Fundraiser Party

Our Kickstarter attempt to get more funds through pledges just ended and it didn't get funded this time but we want to thank every one of you who made a contribution. However, we did get a lot of support from all of you during our very first fundraising event last month.

We were at "Main on Main" in Santa Monica where we raised 258$ with the sale of Raffle Tickets during the art show "ELEMENTS 2". The prizes were all donated by the amazing artists showcasing their artwork that night and included prints, books and craft by Liz Brizzi, Christian Shenouda, Peter Shenouda, Deborah Phipps, Julie Goulin and and Sarah Huber.

The event was a success and a memorable evening.

We would like to thank everyone who attended and bought tickets to help this project.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Fundraiser Event

It's been more than a year since we started this project. We have met some amazing kids, devoted parents and teachers, and we have gained a lot of supporters. However, this is only the beginning of a long journey and our desire to become a real non-profit organization is turning into a reality. 

"WhenKidsGrowUp" will be hosting an art show in Santa Monica on March 29th at "Main on Main" from 9p to 1.30am with a few other amazing artists who all donated one of their creations that you can win by participating in the raffle we will be having during the event. 

Tickets are only 2$ and you can buy them at the show or from any of the artist before the show. We will be announcing the winners at 11pm. All the proceeds will go towards the legal fees to become a non-profit, to buy more costumes and more photo paper and for marketing tools. 

Signed Print by Liz Brizzi
Canvas Print by Sebastien Roche-Lochen
Framed Print by christian Shenouda
Book "Kill/Marry/Fuc" By Sarah Huber
Purse by Moka's vintage Melange
Necklace by Deborah Phipps
Book "That's How We Roll!" By Sebastien Roche-Lochen

If you can't attend but would still like to win of these amazing prizes and help the project you can buy raffle tickets online on paypal (I will write down your name on the ticket and will be posting the winning tickets on this blog after the event).

Here is one of the beautiful prints you can win: 

I will also be selling Shirts with our "WhenKidsGrowUp" logo on it for 10$

We are hoping to see all of you there. Please be aware that nobody under 21 will be admitted.

Friday, February 24, 2012

The Tennis Player - Los Angeles

Beckham wants to be a tennis player when he grows up and he already has the entire outfit. He tried a few action shots as we were shooting by the pool and the tennis ball ended up in the water.

We started another kickstarter Fundraiser and we are inviting you to take a look at the link and share it with as many people as you can

Thank you for your support!


Beckham veut devenir joueur de tennis quand il sera grand et il a déjà la tenue. Il a essayé quelques services à coté de la piscine oû nous prenions les photos et la balle de tennis a fini dans l'eau.

N'oubliez pas de jeter un oeil à notre page Kickstarter oû vous pouvez nous aider en donnant un don afin de nous aider à continuer ce projet.

Merci d'avance

Saturday, February 18, 2012

The Athletes - Roatan

Four of the boys at the Sand Castle Library wanted to become athletes. We had two soccer players, one baseball player and one kid who wasn't sure what kind of athlete he wanted to be so he put on everything that was related to sports in. I was a bit confused at first when I saw the basketball jersey with the baseball glove but who am I to say anything, if he wants to play more sports than one, let him do it!. The kid wants to be a basketball professional and a baseball player so he can look at one of our role models: Michael Jordan who pulled it off....or almost.


Quatres des enfants de l'école de Roatan voulaient devenir sportifs quand ils seront grand. Nous avions deux joueurs de football, un joueur de baseballs et un garçon qui était indécis sur son choix de carrière sportive et qui a donc mis tous les accessoires de sport qu'il a trouvé. J'étais perplexe quand il s'est presenté devant moi avec son maillot de basketball et son gant de baseball mais si son rêve est de participer professionellement à plusieur sports à la fois, qu'on le laisse faire! Il veut devenir joueur de basketball et de baseball et il peut déjâ s'inspirer d'une légende du basketball: Michael Jordan, qui est arrivé a devenir profesisonel dans les deux sports....ou presque.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Group Picture at the Sandy Castle Library - Roatan

After the ceremony was over, we took a group picture and all the kids went home to enjoy their first day of vacation. We worked with forty-four kids at the Sand Castle Library in Roatan and took a few pictures of their teachers and the people who volunteer their time to educate these kids. Everyone received a print. It was an amazing day filled with laughters. We can't wait to do it again.

Après la cérémonie de remise des diplomes, nous avons pris une photo de groupe et les enfants sont parti afin de profiter du début de leurs vacances. Nous avons photographié quarante-quatre enfants, leurs professeurs et les employés de 'lécole qui ont tous reçu une photo. C'était un jour merveilleux rempli de sourires et de bonheur.

Monday, February 6, 2012

The Hairdressers - Roatan

These two cute girls want to be hairdressers when they grow up. Hopefully they won't actually put the hairdryer that close to people's hair when they use a real one.


Ces deux petites filles veulent devenir coiffeuses quand elles seront grandes. On espère qu'elles n'utiliseront pas le sèche cheveux aussi près de la tête des gens quand elles se serviront d'un vrai.

The kids picking up their prints

Since it was their last day of school the kids were allowed to go swim in the ocean that was literally a few feet away from where we were shooting, which gave us plenty of time to print all the pictures before it was time for them to receive their certificate of completion. It took us a while to print all the pictures but we finished right before they came back into the room.


Comme c'était leur dernier jour d'école, les enfants ont eu le droit d'aller se baigner dans la mer qui est à quelques mètres de l'école. Cela nous a laissé assez de temps pour imprimes les photos avant qu'ils reviennent pour le cérémonie de remise de diplomes. Nous avons fini à peine quelques minutes avant qu'ils reviennent de leur baignade.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

The Airplane Pilot - Roatan

This time we didn't forget to bring the pilot costume. We only had one kid who wanted to become a pilot but we were glad we could offer that option this time.


Cette fois nous n'avons pas oublié d'emporter le costume de pilote d'avion. Seulement un enfant voulait devenir pilote quand elle sera grande et nous étions content d'avoir ce costume avec nous.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Thank you for your donations

This time we were able to offer a lot more options to the kids we worked with in Honduras. Not only did we learn a lot from our first trip in Haiti, but we also received a lot of generous donations from our supporters. This day wouldn't have been the same without all your contributions and we wanted to thank you again.

We are always looking to grow our collection of costumes for our future events.

Help us by ordering something from the Wishlist


Grace à votre aide nous avons pu offrir plus de choix de costumes aux enfants que pendant notre premier voyage à Haiti. Cette journée avec les enfant de Sandy Bay Castle Library n'aurait pas été le même sans votre soutien et nous tenions à vous remercier de nouveaux pour vos donations.

Nous cherchons toujours à agrandir la colleciton de costumes afin de pouvoir offrir plus de choix de carrières aux enfants et vous pouvez nous aider en commandant un costume de notre liste sur Amazon

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Roatan - Kids wearing the new shirts

Almost all the kids at the sandy castle library winter camp left with a print and a new shirt "Whenkidsgrowup". We were missing a few but it seemed like they handled it pretty well because I don't remember hearing any crying.

You can help our project by getting your own shirt for you or your kid(s) on our website for 10$ (One shirt you buy allows us to give away three shirts to the kids who participate in the project)


Presque tous les enfants à la bibliothèque de Roatan ont reçu une photo et un nouveau "T-shirt Whenkidsgrowup". Il nous en manquait quelques uns mais cela n'a apparament pas tourné au désastre car je ne me souviens pas avoir entendu quelqu'un pleurer.

Vous pouvez aider le projet en commandant un T-shirt pour vous ou vos enfants au prix de 10$. Un T-shirt acheté nous permait de donner trois T-shirts gratuits aux enfants qui participent.