Friday, July 22, 2011

Frame and costumes

photo by Sebastien Roche-Lochen

The frames we bought to give to the kids have been working out great. This is one of the frames we gave away and some of the costumes that have been donated. We're always looking for donations of costumes (pilot, doctors, judge, ballerina) and any props that can be used for a profession (calculator, glasses, ties) professional athletes (basketball jerseys, kids sport outfits) and anything you can think of.
Please email me to get the address for your donations:

We have plans to go to Haiti by the end of the summer, to some of the camps that were set up after the earthquake.We will finally start taking pictures of less fortunate kids around the world.

The project is also now on kickstarter. We would love your help.


  1. Such a beautiful project! I would be honored to be a backer and pass this along to my family and friends.

  2. Thanks you very much for the kind words, and the backing. Have a beautiful weekend

  3. You're welcome Sebastien! Where can I send donations such as costumes & props? I've looked and can't find an address. I would love to help!!

    I put this on my personal site as well.

  4. Thank you for pointing that out. I put the address on this post now. ;) And thank you for your enthusiasm, it's great to see such good response