Friday, August 12, 2011

Costumes and toys for our first trip

After a few donations from our wishlist and a few trips to our local stores, we have a collection of costumes and goodies to give to the kids when they participate in the project. We have a pilot hat, a police officer outfit, plastic cooking ustensils, construction tools, basketball players outfits, pens, crayons, and tons of cute clothes to give.

We also bought a portable photo printer that doesn't need to be plugged in which will be essential on our trips where we will be shooting in places where there will be no electricity.

We will be leaving soon but your help is always needed....Take a look at our wishlist, get inspired by it, look in your closet, or next time you stop by the 99 cents store, think of us and pick up a toy or something that will give a kid a smile when we go abroad.

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